We help employees retire better & We help employers sleep better.


We specialize in retirement plans. We make group retirement plans easy and simple. 401(k) plans. 403(b) plans. Governmental 457 plans. That’s what we do. We help average Americans build wealth…average American workers who want to be something other than average. 

We focus on the financial employee benefits…any benefit that has to do with money. That means we also help employers implement Financial Wellness programs for their employees. Financial stress in the workplace is costly, it impacts productivity, and it prevents employees from retiring on time and retiring with dignity. So we help diminish financial stress by building a healthy retirement plan, teaching budgeting and stewardship, and providing one-on-one coaching to build wealth and eliminate debt.

We took a step of faith that there’s a better way to help American workers prepare for tomorrow, a process marked with integrity that’s fully transparent. Providing Fee-only consultation through a Registered Investment Advisor means our recommendations are independent and unbiased. And we’re not afraid to take responsibility for our advice and be held to a Fiduciary standard.

Our goal is to help employees retire better and help employers sleep better. We help employees with the lessons from Behavioral Finance to design a better plan that produces better results. And we help employers with compliance and documentation to build a defensible due diligence process. We design and build better plans to produce better outcomes. At PHD. Consulting, we major in plan architecture. 


We believe that Healthy Plans produce Healthy Outcomes

At PHD. Retirement Consulting we believe that we’ve developed a way that actually makes it easier for employees and employers to save; a system that produces healthier outcomes because of healthy plan design; a process that increases employee satisfaction while controlling costs for the employer by demonstrating the actual ROI of the retirement plan.


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June 11, 2018

The SKINNY on TDFs The key to growing money in a long-term retirement plan is to be as broadly diversified as possible. That is, to be broadly diversified in an age-appropriate fashion. With investments it’s particularly important for us to act our age. Some will argue for the merits of a risk-adjusted diversification, and certainly risk tolerance is not an unimportant factor in the equation. But a snapshot

SIX Sure-Fire Ways to Make Money in your 401(k)
June 04, 2018

SIMPLE. It's not complicated building wealth in a 401(k) plan (or it’s 403b plan equivalent). The money comes out of your paycheck before you get a chance to spend it or even see it (which avoids the loss aversion). Many times, if the retirement plan is designed correctly, there will be some auto-features set up to automatically take care of your savings: you’ll be auto-enrolled, auto-diversified, and your