We help employees retire better


We help employers sleep better.


We specialize in retirement plans. We make group retirement plans easy and simple. 401(k) plans. 403(b) plans. Association Retirement Plans (ARPs). Multiple Employer Plans (MEPs). Governmental 457 plans. That’s what we do. We help average Americans build wealth…average American workers who want to be something more than average.

We fix retirement plans. We build retirement plans. And we consult for a flat fee as Fee-Only Fiduciary Consultants. No insurance. No hidden fees. No expensive Managed Accounts. No cross-selling to your employees. No capturing rollovers. No gimmicks. Just Fee-Only Consulting. 

We took a step of faith that there’s a better way to help American workers prepare for tomorrow, a process marked with integrity that’s fully transparent. Providing Fee-only consultation through a Registered Investment Advisor means our recommendations are independent and unbiased. And we’re not afraid to take responsibility for our advice and be held to a Fiduciary standard.

Our client is the employer, the sponsor of the retirement plan or financial wellness program, or the association that sponsors the Association Retirement Plan. We use the lessons from Behavioral Finance to design better plans that produce better results. We help employers with compliance and documentation to build a defensible due diligence process. And we help employees with financial wellness using the tools from Dave Ramsey.

Simple and clean. And did we mention … FEE-ONLY. 


We believe that Healthy Plans produce Healthy Outcomes

PHD. is an acronym that stands for Plan Health Design

because healthy retirement plans produce healthy retirement outcomes.

We make it easier for employers to sponsor retirement plans

and easier for associations to start Association Retirement Plans 

plus we make it easier for employees to save.

We help employers identify the ROI for their retirement plan

and the VOI for their financial wellness program.


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