At PHD. Retirement Consultants we believe that a healthy retirement plan produces healthy retirement outcomes. After all, if the plan itself is functioning properly and legally and everything is in compliance and yet the plan participants don’t have enough money to retire on time, what’s the point? We focus on measurable outcomes and utilize third-party benchmarking studies to reference our scorecards and demonstrate that the plan is always working towards improvements in health. Our client-focused, participant-centric model helps to produce happy and healthy employees who understand, appreciate and participate in the company retirement plan. One of our objectives is to build employee morale around the benefits that the company offers as participants increase savings. The ingredients of healthy retirement plan outcomes starts with a focus on your company’s most valuable resources, your Human Resources.

  • Holding quarterly trustee meetings focused on plan health dynamics, fiduciary training, and supporting the role of your HR professional, not just a quarterly investment committee meeting that examines the same “Watch List” every quarter.
  • Plan Design Optimization Reports™
  • Focus on Retirement Readiness and closing the Retirement Gap
  • Annual Evaluation of Plan Health
  • Education that builds confidence in the program, working to increase deferrals
  • Retirement education to optimize investment diversification – ERISA 404(a)(1)(C)
  • Customized glide path models built for each participant as part of a managed account option
  • Financial Wellness – education modules customized for each client group to help employees take control of their personal finances
  • We do not sell products to your employees (not life insurance or disability and certainly not individual annuities). Our employee meetings are education and guidance to help them retire better, not a sales opportunity for us to sell additional stuff to your people.
  • We help every employee with their retirement planning, regardless of their account balance, and we can introduce you to an Endorsed Local Financial Guide to provide more in-depth financial planning for those employees who want this service.
  • Any revenue generated by an ELFG is NOT shared with PHD. Retirement Consulting so our referrals are always objective and unencumbered by hidden fees. Basically that means that we work for you, not the ELFG and not the service provider, and the ELFG relationship is independent.
  • The retirement plan’s fees are disclosed and explained to participants with education from PHD., in keeping with the Disclosure Policy Statement™ – ERISA 404(a)(5)