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Troy Redstone is an accomplished public speaker, published author, and Behavioral Finance specialist. As a Certified Plan Fiduciary Advisor (CPFA®) and Certified Behavioral Finance Analyst (CBFA®) he consults with employers that sponsor retirement plans (401k, 401a, 403b, 457). The founder of PHD. Consulting, he is a member of the Retirement Advisor Council as one of the leaders in the retirement plan industry; a member of the board for the Employee Benefits Institute; a member of the Behavioral Finance Forum; a member of the Fiduciary Society for Ethical Financial Practices; and part of the team bringing employers the Dave Ramsey financial wellness program, SmartDollar. Widely published in newspapers and magazines, he studied Journalism and Behavioral Psychology at The University of Alabama for his undergraduate degrees, and studied ministry and Finance in graduate school at Anderson University and Rockhurst University, respectively. He lives in Overland Park, Kansas with his bride of twenty-three years, two teenagers, and one Aussiedoodle.

PRAISE for Repurposement

“In Repurposement, Troy Redstone has tackled one of the most pervasive and most ignored crises facing our nation today. Using relatable language and touching personal anecdotes, Troy is able to help us examine retirement in an unexpected and powerful new way.”

Dr. Daniel Crosby

Author of “The Laws of Wealth: Psychology and the Secret to Investing Success

“Repurposement is about achieving a timely and dignified retirement that requires a thoughtful and proactive approach to establishing goals and maximizing pre-retirement savings. Engaging an experienced retirement planning professional is the best way to ensure your path is realistic and that you stay on course.”

Jason C. Roberts, ERISA Counsel

Pension Resource Institute, CEO

Retirement Law Group, Partner

“We live in vision or we live in circumstance. This incredible book by Troy helps us take a look at the circumstance of retiring and having the vision of making the following years the best years. With all the years of living and learning why waste it and just live without purpose. I use a phrase often: So What…Now What. This book teaches – So What…you retired – Now What? Be a blessing and make a difference.”

Dr. Kevin Elko

Author of “The Sender“, “True Greatness“, and “The Pep Talk” 

“I’m a firm believer in the importance of purpose in every season of our lives. Troy takes a look at the traditional idea of retirement and suggests an idea for a fuller, more impactful life – repurposement. With Troy’s book, no matter what season you’re in, it’s not too late to repurpose to create your best life in every way. Let’s GO!”

Gregg Knapp

National Talk Show Host

Author of “GO!”

“So many people think retirement is the end, when in fact it truly is a beautiful reset. Troy’s mission to help people redefine retirement is as refreshing as it is necessary in such a stressful financial climate. By helping people look past the math, Repurposement sets the stage for a meaningful transition into retirement.”

Peter Dunn (Pete the Planner®)

USA Today Money columnist 

Author of ten books

“As each of us runs our ‘race’ in life, shouldn’t our goal be to sprint rather than coast? Troy Redstone cheers us on and shows us that it is much better to repurpose than to retire.”

Dr. Everett Piper, President

Oklahoma Wesleyan University

Author, “Not a Daycare”

“In his book, Troy hits well upon one of the most-key aspects of preparing for retirement from our vocations- what do I do with my time and resources post-retirement to fulfill not only my needs but, potentially, the needs of others. His idea of Repurposement is unique and positions the readers to positively reconsider what life can be post working career”.

James D. Robison, AIF®, Founder

White Oak Advisors

PlanAdviser’s Top 100 Retirement Plan Advisers, 2013, 2015, 2017

“Every season of life represents an opportunity. Striking the balance between today’s calling and tomorrow’s promise is the stuff of this book, opening eyes to the power of purpose in every season. Repurposement will empower you to maximize the moment so you can seize the future.”

Jim Lyon

Author of “Go Ahead. Ask Anything.”

General Director, Church of God Ministries

“The attraction of rest after many years of productive labor is certainly understandable. But there’s not much sadder than a gifted, capable leader choosing to become a mere spectator or, at most, a grumpy critic. Repurposement does not mean delaying retirement, but instead combining your gifts, skills, wisdom, and passion to work toward goals that truly matter.”

Glenn Waddell, President

Birmingham Theological Seminary


The book, Repurposement, was inspired by a USA Today survey that said the number one activity of most retirees is … watching TV. That’s it! I realized that I’ve been trying to get people to pay attention to their futures in retirement only to realize that our definition of retirement is broken. Why should anyone work like a dog, saving for the future, when the picture of our future is as uninspiring as a remote control and a La-Z-Boy?

Repurposement is about casting a new vision for retirement, about saving and stewardship and how to purposefully handle money for the future, but with a purpose-driven mindset. I’m not only interested in helping to raise the bar on the retirement plan industry, but I’d also like to see the participants within those plans benefit. I’m trying to capture everything I’ve taught for years to plan participants in the idea of utilizing the first half of our lives (the working years) to launch us into the second half of our lives (the repurposement years).

~ Troy L. Redstone

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I must admit, when Troy first mentioned that he was writing a book about people being more engaged for retirement, my first reaction was possibly like some of you, “just what we need, another self-help/saving for retirement book!”

However, what I have learned over my years of knowing and working with Troy Redstone is that he is unabashedly willing to take risks and reinvent ideas in innovative ways that others only catch up to later. As an example, I remember hearing Troy once speak about “Financial Wellness” at least two years before that phrase became a household term in the retirement plan universe.

And so it is no surprise that Troy is not writing a book about each of us doing a better job to improve our financial conditions for when we retire; he is challenging us all to reach a whole new PURPOSE for WHY we retire to begin with. Only then can we truly find the motivation to save in ways we never thought possible.

Using personal anecdotes, statistics and real-life examples, REPURPOSEMENT gives a completely different frame of reference beyond “saving more for retirement”. Troy uses his years of working in the pulpit, the boardroom and breakroom to allow each of us to find the larger purpose that is in each of our lives, regardless of economic means and individual circumstances.

I invite you to REPURPOSE your life!

Brian M. Johnston, Attorney at Law

Jackson Lewis

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